Millennials and Microlearning

It is 2016 and workplaces and workforces are rapidly changing. With millennials quickly becoming the largest labor cohort, it is no wonder companies are being challenged to revamp their training and management approach. If organizations want to attract, develop and retain talent in this generation, they have to adapt to their audience. To quote The Kinks, “give the people want they want”.

Modern study technology concept

The average attention span of a millennial is 90 seconds which means the old-school way of day-long workshops and seminars are proving to be less effective than delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. Employee engagement is an on-going concern with only 29% of millennial employees reporting they feel enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. That makes it no surprise that their average tenure is two years. Additionally, 87% millennials agree that development is important in a job. They want more learning opportunities and feedback.

With extremely busy managers, how can companies possibly streamline employee training to please the new generation of employees? The answer is microlearning. ELearning Industry defines microlearning as a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts thus allowing the learners to control what and when they’re learning. It is effective because it provides employees with small, specific nuggets of information that are easy to understand and retain. Microlearning is quick and focused on relevant business challenges. This style allows learners choose their topics and get exactly what they need rather than being forced into a generic training program which keeps them engaged and involved.

Examples of microlearning include videos, 20-minute huddle sessions, infographics, quick tips, etc. When choosing a learning tool, it is best to keep the company culture and learner in mind. This will ensure the success of your training and performance management efforts.

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