Creating an Effective Job Posting

The first step in attracting and hiring top talent is crafting a compelling job posting. Your job posting is the first impression prospective candidates have of your company. Therefore, you want your job posting to reflect a good impression of your company and create interest in the position.  Secondly, your job posting needs to be successful attracting qualified candidates. Below are three simple steps to creating an effective job posting.

1.) Create a Job Title that is search engine friendly.

The best rule of thumb is to keep it simple and straight-forward. The first two words of the job title need to match what job seekers are searching.  For example, your company may refer to the receptionist as “The Director of First Impression” but job seekers will be searching for the job title, receptionist instead. If you are unsure what to title the position, log onto the website of the job board you will be posting and search as if you were a candidate. This will give you great insight into what your target audience is looking for.


2.)  Write the posting as if it were an advertisement.

Just like advertisements are intended to sell something, you are trying to influence your job candidate to come work for your company.  You should identify your
JOIN OUR TEAM, message on the card target audience, address them in the language they understand and highlight items they will find attractive. Think about why this is a good job and showcase your company and the benefits for coming to work for you. Include the job’s main requirements and finish with a strong call to action like “Apply today to join our great team!” This may seem like a lot of effort, but a better job posting can help you recruit better candidates.

3.) Be clear, but concise.

When it comes to the job description, you need to include the most important job duties and requirements, but not necessarily list everything. Good job descriptions usually consist of 300- 800 words. Start with a one or two line overview of the position, followed by benefits of working for your company or what makes this role preferable to other similar job openings and finish with the preferred qualifications or must haves for the job. As you write the job description, remember to use compelling key words. Nolan Gray, author of ‘5 Tips for Crafting More Effective Job Postings’, says it best, “Tired language like ‘A qualified candidate will demonstrate…’ will make most candidates yawn. Instead, consider more compelling phrases like ‘fearless critical thinker’ or ‘passionate believer in…’”.

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