Mergers & Acquisitions

Considering a Merger or Acquisition? You are not alone. When companies want to boost profits and growth, many CEO’s are turning to M&A to achieve these goals. (US M&A News and Trends)

Premier HR Solutions can provide the HR expertise to companies in the process of an M&A transaction. Scholley Bubenik, owner and leader of the team has a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and over 20 years experience working with business leaders. Her team of professionals has experience working with companies on both sides of the table- Those that are selling and those that are acquiring.


The failure rate for Mergers and Acquisitions is between 70%-90%. There are a variety of reasons why M&A fail, but many attribute one of the factors to the lack of inclusion from Human Resources professionals. (Global Business News)

You may be asking, what exactly is the human resources’ role in Mergers and Acquisitions? Most companies view HR in a more administrative role, however the strategic role is much more important. Although each client’s needs are uniquely different, selecting an executive HR partner with experience in M&A’s can be extremely beneficial in these areas:

  • Preparing the workforce for the transition by conducting focus groups and meeting with key managers and employees.
  • Developing a clear communication strategy.
  • Conducting a cultural audit and understanding the differences and the similarities between the companies.
  • Evaluating each company’s benefits, compensation, policies, employee handbooks and standard operation procedures.
  • Identifying the issues that result from the changes and understanding the impact on the employees both during and after the M&A transition.

In addition to the strategic role, Premier HR Solutions can also assist with the administration duties related to onboarding the influx of new employees, coordinating benefits and payroll and assisting with employee relations issues. Contact Scholley Bubenik at or 512-799-7418.  Visit Premier HR Solutions online at

Scholley Bubenik is also the program director of the Ethics in Business & Community Program, a nonprofit in the Greater Austin Area. For more information on this program visit