What Makes a Company Healthy

by, Scholley Bubenik

Its 2015, is your company healthy?  As managers and human resource professionals, many of us are always seeking to improve our organization and the companies in which we work.  As we begin the New Year and focus on making ourselves healthy, what about our companies.  Here is a list of the top ten characteristics that make a company healthy:

  1. Effectively sharing of goalsdoctor (2)
  2. Teamwork
  3. High employee morale
  4. Offers training
  5. Good leadership
  6. Handles poor performance
  7. Understands risks
  8. Adapts to opportunity and change
  9. Clearly defined structure
  10. Well known policies

How does your company fare?  One way to find out is to ask your employees.  I recently conducted focus groups at a company in search of the answers.  What I found was that many of these characteristics affect each other.  For example effectively sharing of goals, teamwork and leadership definitely have an impact on employee morale.  If your management team is not effectively and regularly communicating with the employees, handling poor performance and encouraging teamwork, then employees become disconnected in turn leading to low employee morale.

Premier HR Solutions provides many services that address these areas such as employee focus groups, career development training, organizational evaluations and leadership training.  For more information, contact president, Scholley Bubenik at sbubenik@premierhrsolutions.net.


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