How do you handle multiple requests for time off with your employees?

Managing your employees’ requests for time off is not only important as it pertains to employee satisfaction and well-being, but it can also disrupt your business and affect your bottom line if not managed properly.

Vacation RequestSmall business owners and small departments within larger businesses are challenged each year as to how they can continue normal operations with less employees. Here are a few considerations when managing time off requests:

First Come– Those that ask first get first pick of the time off.

Seniority– Employees with longevity get first choice.

Staggering Holiday Requests– Let employees choose which holiday is their preference and then stagger requests between these holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s.

Working from Home– Most employees have home PC’s or a laptop and can be very productive.

Holiday Pay Differential– Money can provide an incentive for some to work during the holidays.

Hire part time Employees– The holiday season is a great time to hire college and high school students who are looking for work as well as other people looking to earn some additional money.


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