How do you handle multiple requests for time off with your employees?

Managing your employees’ requests for time off is not only important as it pertains to employee satisfaction and well-being, but it can also disrupt your business and affect your bottom line if not managed properly.

Vacation RequestSmall business owners and small departments within larger businesses are challenged each year as to how they can continue normal operations with less employees. Here are a few considerations when managing time off requests:

First Come– Those that ask first get first pick of the time off.

Seniority– Employees with longevity get first choice.

Staggering Holiday Requests– Let employees choose which holiday is their preference and then stagger requests between these holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s.

Working from Home– Most employees have home PC’s or a laptop and can be very productive.

Holiday Pay Differential– Money can provide an incentive for some to work during the holidays.

Hire part time Employees– The holiday season is a great time to hire college and high school students who are looking for work as well as other people looking to earn some additional money.


A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

November is a time to “Give Thanks” and show gratitude and a perfect month to reflect on the importance of rewards and recognition to employees. Rewards and recognition is not always about the money. In the best seller, “Love ‘Em or Lose “Em” there is an entire chapter on rewards and recognition, which begins with a quote:

“It wasn’t all about the money, really. Oh sure, a bonus would have been nice when I brought that new client in or when I finished those specs ahead of schedule. But a “thank you- I noticed” would really have been appreciated.”

Saying, “Thank You” seems so simple- Management 101. But taking the time to say thanks doesn’t always happen. In fact getting thanks for a job that you are required or expected to do is quite uncommon in the workplace.

Many of you may already have employee appreciation events, awards and recognition activities, however the process doesn’t have to be formalized. Here is an interesting blog I found, “40 Ways to Say Thank You at Work!”

Whether you simply stop by a co-worker’s work station to say “Thank You”, or treat a particular team to pizza, saying Thank you for your dedication and hard work can cultivate a culture of harmony and collaboration. And don’t be surprised to find others following your trend.


Premier HR Solutions provides human resource consulting services to emerging companies.  We partner with senior management, HR departments and business owners who need services in the following areas:

Reaching Your Highest Potential

Reaching Your Highest Potential

Training And Development- Whether you have in house trainers or no training department at all, Premier HR Training Solutions provides customized training and coaching to help organizations reach their highest potential.  Our team consists of experienced trainers with Masters Degrees in Human Resource Leadership, Training and Development and Education.  The focus with all training sessions is on acquiring or refining skills through engaging activities.  Favorite topics include (1) Developing a Leadership Mindset (2) Communication Across Generations (3) Managing and Supervising Employees (4) Behavioral Interviewing (5) Mentoring and Engaging Employees (6) Excellence in Customer Service and (7) Managing Conflict.

Full Service Recruiting-  Whether you need one placement or multiple, we can provide affordable solutions for your recruiting needs.  Our team will meet with you to develop and refine the job description and create a profile for identifying key drivers of the position, skills, background and personality traits needed to be successful at your company. We are focused on delivering the highest quality of customer service and committed to recruiting the best qualified people. Established companies utilize us to supplement their recruiting departments during ramp-up phases and start up companies depend on us to manage the entire recruiting process.

Human Resource Consulting-  Premier HR Solutions provides small and start-up companies a variety of HR services that are customized to meet their business needs.  Existing companies utilize us for one time projects such as updating their employee handbook or creating a career development program.   Start up companies hire us to provide ongoing HR consulting services that include establishing their HR functions and managing their compliance, risk and employee relations.

Scholley Bubenik

Scholley Bubenik, president, has over twenty years of management experience and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Texas.  She has helped numerous companies in multiple industries establish their HR departments, develop training programs and manage employer risks.  Call or email Scholley to find out more about Premier HR Solutions services:  512-799-7418