Training is Good For Business

Money 2How can training be good for business?  In today’s economy many businesses are looking to cut costs, not increase them.  But can training really add to your bottom line?  While marketing may get you new customers, what is the point if you haven’t evaluated your customer service deliver?  Most companies spend the majority of their budget on marketing and advertising to grow their business and fail to evaluate and address their customer service delivery.

Companies that invest in customer service training see improvement in customer retention and employee retention.  Their employees can not only differentiate between excellent customer service and poor customer service, but know how to develop a proactive customer service approach instead of a reactive approach.  They are equipped with the tools and techniques needed for handling irate customers and skills for resolving customer complaints. They learn how to identify and deal with workplace stress and conflict.

We all know that a motivated customer service employee will work better and harder.  Many organizations realize that these highly motivated employees can really make a difference.  But how do you create an environment that motivates and engages employees to be their best?   You can begin by establishing a motivation partnership between the manager and the employees.  Supervisors and managers benefit from training in this area as they learn communication skills and motivation strategies to support their employees.  Therefore training for the supervisors and managers are just as important as the training for the customer service employee in order to attain the highest level of customer service delivery.

In addition to adding to your bottom line, training can help your company create a culture of investing in your people.  Employees who have opportunities for growth coupled with good supervisors/managers are more likely to stay with you.  We all know the cost of turnover and with the job market improving, most of us want to avoid our employees leaving.  So the real question is not- “Is training good for business?”, but “How can you afford not to provide training for your employees?

In a world where effective customer service can deliver both customer
satisfaction and profits, this outdated budget imbalance of magnified marketing expenses versus deflated training expenses needs to be re-addressed. Consider implementing a training program for improving customer retention in your company.  Here are some options:

Certificate in Customer Service Excellence 

  • Internal Customer Service Strategies
  • Working with Irate Customers
  • Managing Conflict and Dealing with Stress
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Leadership Certificate in Customer Service Excellence

  • Supervisory Leadership Skills to Manage and Motivate Customer Service Employees
  • Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact and Active Listening
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

Scholley Bubenik is a Human Resource Consultant for Premier HR Solutions providing services to Austin area businesses.  For additional information regarding training or other human resource services, visit or contact Scholley at