It’s A New Year Ahead. Motivating Employees in 2014!

Motivating Your Employees To Excellence

Motivating Your Employees To Excellence

We all know that a motivated employee will work better and harder.  Many organizations realize that highly motivated employees can really make a difference.  But how do you create an environment that motivates and engages employees to be their best?   You can begin by establishing a motivation partnership between you and your employees.  What does this exactly mean?  It means that as a manager you and your employees each play a role in this partnership.

The employee contribution begins with a willingness to learn and a to develop open communication where both parties discuss concerns and ideas.  Actively listening is also important on both sides.

Managers have a responsibility to ensure that the work environment does not contain de-motivators such as poor working conditions, unsafe equipment, excessively long work days and weeks, unfair pay, disagreeable supervisors and unreasonable rules and policies.  Implementing motivators such as recognition and reward programs and opportunities for employees to develop through training is also beneficial. But most of all, employers need to communicate to employees on a regular basis in order to better understand their needs and interests.

How well is your company motivating its workforce?  Do you know what triggers dissatisfaction for your employees and how to remove these?  For additional information about employee motivation and training opportunities for your company contact:  Scholley Bubenik at or visit her website at